Friday, May 27, 2005

Better late than never

The "flat"-headed Thomas Friedman of the NY Times finally says what needs to be said among the elite opinionmakers who have enabled Bush & Co. these past several years: Shut down Guantanamo Bay prison. Friedman also says what needs to be said about Israeli policies in both the Gaza and West Bank--which is that Israel should withdrawal from both and complete the wall within those boundaries.

On the other hand, Bob Herbert of the same paper said it better about Guantanamo Bay yesterday.

And of course this story reenforces my initial reaction to the Newsweek trumped up-scandal--which is that the article was probably based in some fact. When one considers all the other things that have gone on at Guantanamo Bay, why would there not be a desecration of the Koran by interrogators or guards? The most ridiculous thing is that true torture and killing of human beings was being sanctioned by US officials in Iraq, other nations where we dumped prisoners, and in Guantanamo Bay--yet our leading Friedman-like pundits end up obsessing about how a religious book was treated in a few instances.


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