Friday, May 27, 2005

Israeli media self-criticism

Here is an article by Tanya Reinhart in Yediot Ahraonot, a major Israeli newspaper. Try to imagine the LA Times, which is so hated by extremist US supporters of Israel, printing something of this nature regarding Israeli government conduct and its national media.

Besides showing Israeli government duplicity, Ms. Reinhart is showing that the Israeli media is starting to resemble the lap dog that the corporate media in the US has been for some time.

I should note that I found her rhetoric a bit harsh in the last third of the article. She also appears to recognize that she still has no more reason to believe Hamas than the Israeli government, unlike unfortunately Hezbollah. For the overall Israeli record of invading and occupying Lebanon, particularly as reported by excellent and yet hawkish Israeli reporters such as Ze'ev Schiff, is not a pretty one in terms of honesty or humanity. The Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon in May 2000 may ironically rank among Israel's best moments concerning Lebanon--for it thereafter focused the spotlight on Syria and forced Hezbollah to attempt to act like a government (even as Hezbollah maintained a close relationship with Syria; the ironies abound). This is why I found it rather far-fetched to think the US getting bogged down in Iraq had anything significant to do with the Syrians leaving Lebanon as opposed to more local Lebanese events, especially the assassination of the popular former prime minister early this year.


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