Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day: A time to reflect

The history of Memorial Day is nicely summarized here.

But then, my patriotic sensibilities become enraged as I reflect on the current war. What do I mean? I mean:

A. the Downing Street Memo,

B. the fact that the US invasion of Iraq has proven, once again, to be a diversion from our finding and subduing bin Laden and the al-Queda leadership--and worse, counterproductive to that effort and

C. that our leaders added insult to injury to our soldiers by making them fight the second Iraq war with inadequate equipment.

I can understand how some people think that if one opposes a war, one is not showing sufficient patriotism. In this particular instance, those who support this war, starting with President Bush, should bear the burden of defending their patriotism--and have much to atone for on Memorial Day 2005.


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