Monday, October 31, 2005

Let the filibuster begin...

Judge Samuel Alito is truly more right-wing than the departing O'Connor. Click here and here for People for the American Way's latest.

Alito has a crabbed view of the Commerce Clause and federal power in general (O'Connor did for awhile, but was softening), is most definitely anti-Roe v. Wade, possibly against the entire right to privacy under Griswold v. Connecticut (1965), and fairly reliable for a pro-corporate view of the judiciary.

This is the time to filibuster. The Terrible President's poll ratings are still very low and placating the far right is not a prescription for him to get back those who consider themselves "moderate" and who gave the Terrible President the benefit of the doubt in their votes for him in 2004.

Let the Republicans try to kill the filibuster as we approach the Congressional elections of 2006. They are boxed in. If they succeed, they scare the so-called "moderates" into voting Dems into Congress who are not against abortion rights. If the filibuster holds, then the Dems show the Terrible President that he must pick someone who is not a far-right Scalia-clone.

The key for the corporate media pundits is going to be Pennsylvania Republican Senator Arlen Specter. Rhode Island Republican Senator Chaffee is not likely to oppose Alito here because he is running in a Republican primary next year--though he will lose feminist support as soon as he wavers toward Alito. Specter and perhaps Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins will not vote for cloture. Oh, and don't expect any help from the non-maverick "maverick", Arizona Republican Senator John McCain. However, if Chaffee and McCain refuse to vote for cloture, watch out. This may also be the time the Republicans split on the filibuster "nuclear option," too.

Overall, I could not support Miers and I knew that meant a right winger. But as I said in this other post from last night, the far right blew several of its talking points that had protected Roberts, even when he was nominated for O'Connor's seat on the Supreme Court.

This is a time for toughness for Democrats on Capitol Hill. It is why they said people should vote for them, particularly in the so-called "Blue" states. Can they be counted on...?



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