Wednesday, November 02, 2005

35% and Dems can't say "filibuster"?

The Terrible President has an approval rating of 35% (with 57% disapproving of him). Cheney's approval rating is at 19%. The Republican Congress' approval rating? 34%.

And a Gallup (more conservative tilt historically) poll shows 53% would say no to Alito if he was against Roe v. Wade, with only 37% saying yes to Alito in that instance.

Yet, it's right-wing Republicans in the so-called "Gang of 14" who are issuing not so veiled threats about the "nuclear option" (killing the filibuster) while Democrats are afraid to talk about filibustering Alito.

Come on Dick Durbin (D-IL)! I can't believe you said this:

"I don't know a single Democrat who is saying that it's time for a filibuster, that we should really consider it," said Dick Durbin of Illinois, the Senate's No. 2 Democrat, after meeting with Alito on Wednesday. "It's way too early."

Alito is a pro-corporate jurist who also, as noted in an earlier post, sides with government when it wants to be oppressive, but looks to limit government laws that would help people who are at vulnerable points in their lives or suffer discrimination.

Roe v. Wade? Well, he won't say, but Alito told Senator Durbin (see link above) he'll support Griswold v. Connecticut, which is the "right to privacy" decision from 1965 that is a basis for the later Roe v. Wade ruling. That's nice, but I wonder why nobody asks Alito or any of these nominees outright: You mean from the time Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973 to the present time, you never stated your view of Roe v. Wade to anyone? Yeah, right.

The Democratic Party leadership needs to understand that the Terrible President has no mandate for any candidate his right wing supporters want. None. And with his polling in the toilet for reasons that are crystal clear to anyone who even remotely follows the news, there is no reason why truly "moderate" Republicans can't line up with Democrats and torpedo this nomination the way the rightwing did with Harriet Miers. But as usual, it appears the magic of the Washington DC beltway renders these people tone deaf and, I hate to say it, afraid to stand up for their beliefs and for the majority of people in our nation.

Yes, this is "political." But it is also "political" for a president with no mandate to pick a far right judge that the majority of people in our nation, in a referendum, would likely reject.


At November 3, 2005 at 7:10:00 AM PST, Anonymous paulr said...

I think Durbin is prudent to not declare war quite yet. The Democrats need to heal from the recent spine implant performed by Dr. Reid, and let the GOP continue to debate whether to disown Rove. Getting the word out about Scalito's dismal record would also be a good precaution before officially opposing this unacceptable judge. (Insert favorite diety here) willing, this nomination will not stand!


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