Sunday, November 13, 2005

"Disagree with me? I hope you suffer and die!"

Between Pat Robertson and Bill O'Reilly, it has been a banner week for the Right wing in America, who want their supporters to think only of the "hateful Left," etc.

Personally, I wish the San Francisco ordinance that got O'Reilly all in a flutter had only banned military recruitment from high schools--and only then because of the recent scandals involving unsavory recruiting practices. Otherwise, US military recruitment ought to be at least as allowable as Merck or Wal Mart showing up. As for colleges, since we let the LaRouchies and other various and sundry strange political groups set up shop at campuses to recriut members, it is, to my view, patently unreasonable to ban the United States government's military branches from having a presence, too.

I also do not support the schools giving the military information on all of our youth that places the burden on individuals to "opt-out" from being on the military's list. But that is going to continue
anyway, even with the San Francisco ordinance, unless school districts opt out of all federal funds--which is not happening. The ordinance reminds me of the Teacher Tendure proposition 74 in California that did not get to real issues of competence and instead seems to be written by p.r. persons or radio talk show personalities.


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