Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Governator should announce he won't run for re-election

The defeat of every single one of the Governator's pet intitiatives (Props 74-77) is a stinging rebuke to his "talk show radio" governance. I would not be surprised if he stood up today or tomorrow and said, "You have rejected my reform plans. I will therefore serve the rest of my term and not seek re-election." That may be the only way to protect his pride.

Surely his wife, Maria Shriver, must be saying this to him right now. But whether he listens to her, anymore than he has in running or governing, is anyone's guess.

I am glad the people of California rejected the proposed parental consent law regarding abortion because, as I said, I used to be in favor of these laws until the evidence showed they tended to punish the most poor and abused girls who found themselves with an unwanted pregnancy.

I am saddened that voters, who were bombarded with the propaganda from the pharmaceutical industry, and too many otherwise good government folks who fretted about a single provision (dealing with private attorney general lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies), rejected Prop 79. That proposition may have been the only way to protect California seniors and others on fixed incomes to secure reasonably priced medicine. As for the stinging defeat of Prop 80 (the initiative to re-regulate electric rates and distribution), I feel somewhat sad, but continue to believe many Dem Party politicians must wean themselves from Big Energy lobbyists, which may take some doing as the money is always available from Big Energy.

Finally, kudos to NJ (the state where I grew up) and VA for pushing back against the Republicans in the governors' races. If Corzine and Kaine, respectively, can be bold in their initiatives the way Montana Democratic governor Schweitzer has been, this will bode well for more Dem wins in the Congressional elections in 2006. The win in Virginia ought to be making the Rove-DeLay led Republicans wondering about their leadership.

The message is there for Dems. The thing to do is not re-frame as much as show some spine and stand tall for New Deal values, as even a Washington Post writer and insider, E.J. Dionne, understands.


At November 9, 2005 at 6:38:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kudos to PA also, for rejecting intelligent design and kicking the fundamentalist bums off the school board. As for Kansas, well... the world is still flat in the land of Oz, where time not only stands still, it goes backwards.


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