Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Intelligently designed issue of "Natural History"

I advise everyone to get hold of a copy of this month's "Natural History." It contains excellent articles on Darwin and evolution. The articles also do a great job exposing so-called "intelligent design" advocates by offering example after example as to how many "designs" of organisms are not very efficient or frankly intelligent.

Our family recently joined the San Diego Natural History Museum and receive this magazine through our membership. I applaud "Natural History" magazine's willingess to step into this contentious subject that should not even be rising to a controversy in a sane world.

I tend to side with Stephen Gould in these matters, who rightly said that science should be based upon observation, hypothesis, and doubt. Why introduce religious oriented arguments that cannot even rise to a scientific inquiry or analysis?

Anyway, the issue and the magazine are well worth a read.



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