Sunday, November 13, 2005

Loyalty to Bush Will Undermine the Republican Party

The Terrible President's latest poll rating is 36%. And 71% of Americans polled believe Mr. Other Priorities is dishonest or unethical. This is not because of mere "politics." People now understand that the Terrible President and Mr. Other Priorities are both corrupt and incompetent--a dangerous combination.

If the Republicans in Congress do not agree to impeach the Terrible President and Mr. Other Priorities, they will likely lose the power of one or both houses of Congress. I say "likely" because the Democrats must find a way to stop saving defeat from the jaws of victory.

Republicans in Congress, it's your choice: Jettison these guys or they are likely to spell your doom at next year's elections. And if you don't believe me, maybe you'll listen to the Republican candidate from New Jersey, Doug Forrester.

I hate giving helpful advice to people who stand for screwing over most Americans who are not the wealthy elite. However, I figure, these jerks haven't listened to me before. Why should they now?

So, Democratic Party leaders in Congress, it is past time to save our nation. Place the articles of impeachment before the American people. Now.

UPDATE: Republicans say to Bush, "We are not going to impeach you, but...could you at least find a way the heck out of Iraq we can announce before the 2006 elections?"



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