Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ho-hum. Another Republican outrage

Can anyone see Jesus supporting this latest change in our tax laws on behalf of those who least need the money to live, while cutting programs designed to aid the most vulnerable in our society?

I wish those working class Americans who obsess against homosexuals and abortion would stop and reflect upon things like this action by this Republican president and Congress. Maybe some are, which may explain some of the Terrible President's poor poll showings. But obviously, not enough have expressed their sense of betrayal...yet. Please send the linked article to all your friends, no matter their views, and ask: How would Jesus have voted on these tax and budget spending proposals?

UPDATE: Here is an article to provide further perspective in terms of wealth accumulation. The top 1 to 5% get richer, the rest stagnate (after inflation, either just behind or slightly ahead) or fall in economic power.


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