Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thursday night links and quick comments

Very busy work week, so here are some fun and informative links and comments:

1. A brilliant animated feature lampooning Garth Brooks for signing up to shill for Wal-Mart. One recognizes that a writer may sign with Simon & Schuster or heck, be a political commentator at FoxNews. But, Garth really has no need for the money or exposure--and to do ads for Wal-Mart, a company that is well known to be pushing American manufacturing and distribution jobs to China,'s a very sad and shameful thing for him to have done. This organization that produced the video is worth a look, too. And see here for Jib Jab's satirical, yet spot on song about Wal Mart (Look for title, "Big Box Mart").

2. Alito headed toward approval? Pathetic. If the Dems can't get a filibuster going, then this was just a damned kabuki dance. The guy deserves a filibuster. Surely Alito is not even close to the best our nation can do for the Supreme Court, especially to replace a key swing voting, if still pro-GOP Justice, Sandra O'Connor.

3. Two letters to the editor to the LA Times defend the UFW's activities that are outside union organizing. Still, the LA Times series makes clear that the UFW is not very interested nor is it emphasizing union organizing. Worse, family members of the Chavez family are interested in growing their family empire more than growing the union membership--and the recounting of Cesar Chavez's longstanding relationship with the Synannon founder was heartbreaking to relive.

For a nice, short summary, see the incomprable Patt Morrison's essay published today. For the original articles, see here and here.
A hopeful article is about the fellow who left Chavez and the UFW and helped organize the very successful union movement, Justice for Janitors. At least it dampened the pain of the other information in the other articles.


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