Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dear God, sorry to disturb you but...

I saw these two photos at a couple of different web sites and had to track them down to the Yahoo! photo news section to be sure they were what is represented.

And yes, these are photos of Israeli girls writing messages on rockets to be dropped on people in Lebanon.

Near the end of her life, Golda Meir reportedly said that peace would come when Arabs love their children more than they hate Jews. And how many times have we been told how the Arabs teach their children to hate Israel and its Jewish inhabitants?* Well, these two photos chillingly show how far the hate has reached inside the Israeli people.

I must say, though, as I have said often before, that before we Americans get too haughty, let's take a look at this photo for starters. And note that photo was of a lynching in Indiana, not Alabama.

We're all about three consecutive missing paychecks, plus a bombing in our neighborhood, from this sort of behavior. That's why international diplomacy and an honest mediator leadership from the US is vital. However, so far, we've not seen anything from the Bush administration that meets those criteria.

* For an article about Palestinian textbooks not being hateful, especially compared to say, the Syrian textbooks for Arab students, see here.



At July 20, 2006 at 9:10:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Betsy L. Angert said...

This is powerful! I thank you for offering it.

May you live long, learn much, and feel fulfilled . . . Betsy
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