Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It should be "Thanks, Lieberman, Clinton and Biden," Not "Thanks, Ralph"

From this LA Times article about Bill "Big Dog" Clinton stumping for Boltin' Joe Lieberman:

"'No Democrat is responsible for the mistakes that have been made since the fall of Saddam Hussein,' he said. 'We're not responsible for the fact that that a lot of those kids still don't have body armor … and there's billions of dollars that have been given out in no-bid contracts and millions that are just missing. We're not responsible for that. So I say, we can fight later in the future about what do we do next, and honorable people can disagree.'"

Wrong, Big Dog. If Lieberman, or your wife, or Biden had any guts or integrity, they would have filibustered against any request by Bush for more money for the war until Bush promised to provide all necessary equipment and support for every soldier sent to fight in Iraq.

If those three Dem Senators had been consistent in filibustering ridiculous legislation or nominations for executive and judicial positions, things wouldn't be as bad as they are for our nation and our planet. And on a political party level, these three--Lieberman, Hillary Clinton, and Biden--are three reasons why the Democrats still don't have traction against an incompetent, a pathetic, lying and venal Republican Party.

Why Eric Alterman doesn't write every single day, "Thanks Lieberman" reveals the limits of Eric's understanding of the politics of our nation. Sorry, Eric. But, it's not Ralph Nader's fault that Democrats in the Senate decided to let Ashcroft and later Gonzalez become Attorney General. It's not Nader's fault that enough Democrats in the House and Senate put their names on the first and second round of tax cuts for the rich and, worse, the war for Iraq (Please don't start the parsing here that people didn't know what Bush was planning to do. Enough Dems opposed that resolution because it was well known among insiders what Bush was planning to do). And it is not Nader's fault that several leading Democrats refused to filibuster Alito, the bankruptcy bill, and a host of other bad nominees and legislation.

The bottom line is that the Big Dog is dead wrong to have to come to the aid of a jerk like Joe Lieberman who, as is well known, provided support to the Republicans' personal attacks on Clinton. And double shame on Barbara Boxer, who, as Firedoglake points out, lied yesterday when confronted about Lieberman's recent infamous statement about his support for hospitals which refuse to provide abortion services for women.

Finally, when one considers the fact that Ned Lamont has largely the same views as most Democrats in Connecticut, Lieberman's announcement that he will not support anyone other than himself is the highest act of party betrayal and selfishness. Big Dog and Boxer should be, again, ashamed of themselves for stumping for Lieberman.


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