Saturday, July 22, 2006

Not enough US troops for more war? Just ship more arms to the Israelis

Bush and Company are just chomping at the bit to expand war in the Middle East. Since they realize they don't have the troops to do so, they have sped up delivery of bombs to Israel. If any Americans still believe the US government wants a cease-fire, such persons are delusional.

This article by Zeev Schiff in Haaretz, which shows how Iran is continuing to supply rockets and ammunition to Hezbollah, also reveals that (a) Israel has destroyed much of those supplies and (b) Iran is more motivated by the fear that Hezbollah will be routed. Surely this should be an opening for the US to call on all nations to stop arming Israel and Hezbollah and state that the US will stop shipment of new materials for 72 hours if Iran will do the same. If that doesn't work, that would be one thing. But Bush's decision only invites more war and bloodshed.

It is imperative to remark upon the silence in official Washington among leaders in the Democratic Party and the few remaining reasonable Republican leaders at Bush's conduct in promoting more war in the Middle East. This silence is sadly based upon an irrational fear of being perceived as anti-Israel or worse, anti-Semitic. This is why it is vital for opinion makers and leaders to read Haaretz every day during such times--in order to recognize that in Israel itself, there is more debate on the Israeli government's conduct these past several months. And it is equally vital for Americans who are Jewish to speak out against the overreaction of the Israeli government and the Israeli government's refusal to support policies that would have promoted peace and reconciliation instead of war.



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