Saturday, August 12, 2006

Aw, Dad, can't we keep killing till Monday?

Are we in a Monty Python sketch or trapped in Terry Gilliam's Baron von Munchausen?

The Israeli government agrees to a cease-fire and then escalates war in southern Lebanon--with Hezbollah only too happy to reciprocate.

Might as well say, "I'm starting a diet on Monday...So, now, I'll have that double dip sundae, with lots of whipped cream! Oh yes, and a diet Sprite to go with it!"

Except, in that wellspring of monotheism known as the Middle East, such absurdity leads to even more dead people, wounded people, and destruction of buildings and the so-called "blessed" land.

Maybe I should comfort myself with re-reading musings about the vengeful Sky God...Or maybe re-read the Book of Lamentations?

Nah. Instead, I'm going to continue reading this.

UPDATE: Kevin Drum, who gets it, quotes and comments about others who get it. A very well argued and consise post. I disagree with Kevin, of course, about Truman, as I wrote in this post about Peter Beinart's poorly understood history of the US at the dawn of the Cold War.



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