Sunday, August 27, 2006

Compelling opinion articles on Israel not seen in corporate owned US newspapers

Haaretz has just published three opinion-editorials in a row that no corporate American based media outlet would ever print...for fear of upsetting those ignorant, benighted souls who think the US corporate-owned media is anti-Israel.

Gideon Levy, who was against the war against Hezbollah/Lebanon from the start, has some choice words for those who are now criticizing the Olmert government. Another writer is even more scornful about the narrowness of the questions raised against the war.

My personal comment regarding both articles: The narrowness of the questioning is the eqivalent of HillaryBiden merely asking questions as to how Bush continues to conduct the war in Iraq--as opposed to the larger issue as to why the Iraq War was the wrong war to start at the time it was started. If enough Israeli leaders don't publically ask the questions Levy raises and don't start thinking about practical step by step solutions to those questions, Israel is more likely in for more suicide bombings, military flare ups and more civilian casualties. In other words, the cycle of recrimination and revenge will continue.

article by someone I don't know, Zvi Bar'el, explains why Israel's solutions must begin with itself and its relationship with the Palestinians. The Bush administration's continued recklessness, ignorance and arrogance are a hindrance to Israeli security and to peace among Israel, Gaza and the West Bank--and Lebanon. The writer's analysis about how nations see UN resolutions is also fascinating and fairly persuasive.

Finally, away from Haaretz, but deep in the hearts of many Israelis, is this eulogy written by David Grossman, a writer of renown in Israel who initially supported the war last month, then pushed for a cease-fire, and whose son died in those ridiculous and reprehensible last days when the Israeli leadership wanted one last piece of Hezbollah. One Haaretz writer wants Grossman to actually enter the political arena as a candidate for office, a proposal that definitely has merit. But Israeli leadership must also work to find the Grossman-counterparts among Palestinians. They are there, just not as open. Remember the Hamas guy who said Hamas' capture or kidnapping of the Israeli soldier was "inhumane"? There is, as Ignazio Silone once wrote about in a novel, "seed beneath the snow."


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