Thursday, August 31, 2006

Olbermann invokes Murrow in take down of Rummy

The other day, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, in a speech delivered to the American Legion, insulted American Legion members and the rest of America. Itself a comment on our time, it took Keith Olbermann, a mere sports commentator in a former life, not a so-called "serious" journalist like the pretty boy, pretty girl idiots (though how to explain Candy Crowley, who is fat and stupid?) who permeate television, yes, a ex-sports guy, to knock down Rummy.

It also took Keith Olbermann, not Anderson Cooper, to invoke Ed Murrow and call out Rummy's and Bush's demand for Americans to obey, fascist-like, their incompetent and arrogant exercise of power.

Here is the link from Crooks and Liars. Yes, it starts a bit on the pedantic side, but it gets stronger and stronger, and Olbermann invokes the spirit and look of Murrow in a way that should give us some hope about the fall mid-term Congressional elections.

Just over a year ago, I noted this phenomenon of sportscasters showing far more intelligence and mental toughness than the, again, so-called "serious" television pundits and reporters. The sports guys do not have fear of losing "access"--they seem to welcome the empty threat for what it is and wear it as a badge of honor.



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