Thursday, August 10, 2006

A possibly hopeful result from Middle East

The Head Heeb, once again, has stated my thoughts almost exactly. If the UN supports having Lebanese troops and UN troops to act as peacekeepers along southern Lebanon, and the Arab nations and Hezbollah agree, this will be a good result for Israel. If Hezbollah refuses a UN sponsored cease-fire, it will also help increase international support for Israel, though not as much as I would like.

The bad result that remains, though, is that Hezbollah will have greatly increased its stature among people in Lebanon and elsewhere in the Middle East. Plus, the Israeli government's actions over the past few weeks have now been proven that the Israelis lack a sufficient number of soldiers to fight a war of attrition. And it must be said that Israel probably could have achieved this potential result weeks ago had the US and Israel been truly interested in pursuing such a solution.

Still, for Israel, if the diplomatic solution holds, it will be a good result from a bad war.

I hope to get to more substantive commentary later this weekend, though work's been long and family commitments strong.

UPDATE: Glenn Greenwald has a good analysis, though he thinks, if the proposed cease-fire is accepted, Israel has "lost." I disagree. Israel lost a week or two ago. If the cease-fire is placed into effect, Israel is now salvaging something, which is keeping Hezbollah from being in complete control of the southern border of Lebanon.

And good riddance to Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, if he in fact resigns (I had hoped for this days ago, per this post). Israel needs to find a way to jump start talks with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority to support a new referendum and hope Palestinians vote for a two state solution.



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