Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Now THAT'S a great ad!

This ad, by the VoteVets PAC against Virginia incumbent Republican Senator George Allen, is outstanding. It's helping keep this race close by Democratic Party candidate Jim Webb against a well-financed incumbent Republican Senator.

Check out the site I linked to as well. It's called "Swing State Project" and is worth bookmarking for the next six weeks.

Most people don't even watch news anymore. The only way they are reached is through ads, particularly in larger States such as California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and yes, Virginia. If Democrats and their allies don't run tough, sharp ads, they will (as they mostly do) lose the narrative, or how people analyze and reach conclusions as to who is better for our national security, for example.

I am still fairly pessimistic about Democratic Party chances in November in terms of gaining back the House or Senate. However, there are specific races, such as Sherrod Brown's remarkable bid against Ohio Republican Senator Mike DeWine (Brown is ahead by several points and has momentum), where it shows the Dems will at least get closer to taking back both houses of Congress. Unless the Dems, as a political party, start getting tough in their positions--pull out of Iraq, save and rebuild America's manufacturing base, and fight the formal legalization of torture--not enough people will have incentive to throw out the Republican enablers of the worst presidency since at least Harding.


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