Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Light blogging..heavy reading

Izzy Stone finally gets a review he deserves (Tim Rutten of the LA Times reviews Myra MacPherson's new bio of Izzy).

Historians of this era will more likely, and more respectfully quote Keith Olbermann than Thomas Friedman or, God help us all, David Ignatius.

If the Republicans lose one or both houses of Congress, it will likely happen because of this. Tax cuts to the middle class were so small as to not even be noticed compared to gas price and food price increases, the sense that the boss is getting far more ahead than the workers, and the overall sense that the Republicans in Congress either don't care or are incompetent to heal our nation.

David Sirota gets it right about how corporate America is now upset with China...for giving workers the right to organize and freedom not to starve at slave wages. He also gets it right about the true agenda of the World Bank, which is to beggar most people for the benefit of the wealthy few.

Enjoy...And if you want to feel happy, at least today, check out

And if you wish to ponder the cosmos, try this.


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