Friday, April 27, 2007

Snap shot links for folks on the move...

David Sirota has some great linked articles and posts here.

And here is O'Reilly blowing a fuse over a less than perfect edits of his quotes in the otherwise brilliant Bill Moyers documentary on the complicity of corporate media in the run up to the Iraq War II. What I found amazing was that Jane Hall, usually a loyal Fox News pundit, was fearless in pointing out how what Moyers left out was important--but the context was not helpful to O'Reilly: In fact, if Moyers had shown more context of O'Reilly's remarks, it would reveal O'Reilly's doublespeak and how he really is threatening those who criticize American foreign policy during what he calls a "crisis," not even a full, all out war.

I wonder if Jane Hall is going to be invited back to FoxNews anymore--just as Ashleigh Banfield was banished from MSNBC after criticizing corporate media power and its complicity with a lying scoundrels running the Cheney-Rove administration (sometimes called the Bush administration).

And here is an outstanding editorial (hat tip to Eric Alterman!) from the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper. Just read it. As I said, outstanding.


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