Saturday, May 05, 2007

Compare and contrast...and weep for our nation

Remember my short post about the "Republican talking-points" questions from the ridiculous Brian Williams to the Democratic Party's candidates for President? I ended the post with this statement:

"There is no excuse for such hackery from this blow dried moron. And if anyone expects a Republican Party presidential candidate forum to go the same way, with questions that delegitimize the Republican Party's principles with quotes from anti-Democratic Party letter to the editor in USA Today (!), just wait and watch."

Now, the evidence is in--and it proves the point. Chris Matthews' questions largely reenforced Republican talking points with questions that assumed Republicans are interested in exercising fiscal discipline, are tough minded with respect to foreign policy and truly interested in cutting "your" (middle class) taxes. Yes, one can say the questions diminished the candidates by exaulting Reagan--but even that is a nod to the Republican Party as a whole as Reagan was a budget buster,* a supporter of the murder of priests and nuns, who rewarded his rich friends with income tax cuts, while soaking middle class taxpayers with Social Security tax increases.

* The linked article actually understates the deficits and debt because it includes, in its calculations, the surplus revenue from the increased Social Security taxes, which taxes doubled during Reagan's two terms--with the tax increases beginning in 1983.


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