Saturday, June 23, 2007

A fine rant against the rant against government spending

MaxSpeak, over at his alternative digs of the much-loathed Pajamas Media, explains to assorted right wingers why they are full of it when they rip into "pork-barrel" spending. It reminds me of the 1980 Republican Study Group report to the their hopefully-incoming President, Ronald Wilson Reagan (Mr. 666) where, trying to be helpful, decided to look for "waste and fraud" in government spending. I mean, after all, that "liberal" Democratic Party President Jimmy Carter had approved a deficit that year of almost $50 billion. Heavens!

So anyway, the RSG's conclusion was that almost half the waste and fraud identified was in the military department, quaintly known since 1947 as the "Defense" Department. A later study authorized in 1981 by the then-new Office of Management & Budget Director, David Stockman, had to tell Reagan that 60% of the waste and fraud his group found was in the military. Reagan's response was of course to substantially increase military spending.

Max is right that the screaming from the right about government spending is really, "We right wingers don't like any government spending that doesn't result in killing people."


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