Friday, February 22, 2008

More news Likudniks don't want American Jews to know

Efraim Halevy, the former head of Israel's version of the CIA, Mossad, says it's time for Israel to begin talks with Hamas. Read this interview in Mother Jones magazine for more.

There is precedent for this position among previously hawkish intelligence chiefs in Israel. After retiring from his position as chief of military intelligence under Prime Minister (and original Likudnik) Menachem Begin, Yahosafat Harkabi wrote a book entitled "The Fateful Hour" (1986, paperback in English 1989). In it, he said about then more secular-oriented Palestinian terrorists pretty much what Halevy is saying about Hamas. It was time to talk. Harkabi was thereupon ignored and discounted by those who claim to be Israel's "friends," who of course think that Israel killing more Palestinians, and building more settlements in the West Bank after publicly saying otherwise, are the most effective security policies for Israel.

Through this day, American Likudniks continue to receive an unwarranted privilege to call themselves "pro-Israel" when the policies they propose and support are at least as prone to blowback and adverse consequences as the foreign policy pursued by those who pushed America into war against Iraq in 2003. Most Americans no longer believe that those who pushed us to war against Iraq are, for that reason, "pro-America." Therefore, nobody should think the Likudniks deserve the privilege and assumption that they are automatically "pro-Israel" because they support hawkish and violent policies, either.


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