Thursday, March 06, 2008

Of collaborationists in Israel and the latest Chomsky article regarding Israel

This article by Israeli politics professor, Neve Gordon, appears in this week's The Nation. It's about political collaboration by Palestinians with Jews in the Mandate Period (from the 1920s through 1948) and the Israeli government thereafter.

It should not surprise anyone that the two books under review, both written by Israeli historian, Hillel Cohen, did not generate much discussion in US corporate owned media.

Also, in this week's The Nation, we find a trenchant analysis from Noam Chomsky that helps us understand how "the other side" might reasonably see certain things American corporate media would have us forget--or never know in the first place. While I am uncomfortable with some of the conclusions drawn, or observations made, Chomsky proves once again why he is important to read to understand world affairs, starting with the Middle East region of the planet.


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