Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Primary election comments: Go Hillary. We Want Al Gore.

Hillary won big in Ohio and Rhode Island, and won the votes, but not enough delegates in Texas due to the strange system concocted by the Democratic Party there. Obama won big in Vermont. As Steve Benen says over at, it is now the narrative (and momentum) vs. the delegate count.

This is, overall, excellent news for those of us who hope for a divided convention in Denver this summer, and a draft of Al Gore to run a sprint against the Republicans to November.

I am praying Hillary stays in the race, just as I would have prayed Obama stay in the race if the delegate counts each has was reversed.

On the Republican side, McCain is a highly flawed candidate, ignorant of economic policy matters, and a pandering flip-flopper who is out of his cotton-pickin' mind on the Iraq War.

And if anyone is upset that Obama belongs to a church whose pastor used to praise the odious Louis Farrakhan--even though Obama consistently said he rejects, denounces, etc. Farrakhan--then what do we make of John McCain actively seeking the support of, and getting it from the odious Rev. John Hagee?

So why should any Democrat be concerned the race in the fall is likely to be either Hillary Clinton v. John McCain or Barack Obama v. John McCain? Because, as this book will explain in a single volume, the corporate media pundits, and a host of reporters, have a love of John McCain that will not die. Think the little NY Times scandal was a harginger of negative reporting on McCain? Let's hope so, but it does not seem to be the case. Chris Matthews loves McCain in ways that make me want to wash down the television set after he slobbers over McCain the way a real man would, after losing his sense of decorum, slobber over Angelina Jolie (but I wish she'd lose the tattoos...).

So, here's my slogan for the next round of primary elections for the Democrats: "Go Hillary. We want Gore!"



At March 7, 2008 at 1:29:00 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Hillary makes president which i have no dought that she will.and Im hoping that whe will go Hillary .but if she takes obama as he vice president we as Latinos will not vote for her come she needs to remember who got her votes .go Hillary and dont take obama as your vice president.

At March 7, 2008 at 6:30:00 AM PST, Anonymous Taylor-Caine said...

"Go Hillary, we'll take Gore" is a dream (only)
but a dilemma for women who see Hillary as a competent
president let alone the first woman and the first wife to break that barrier to White House power. (Yes, wife. How many thousands of wives in public life have been full partners in decision making but been forced to look sweet and dainty by the social public role assigned them. There is a whole range of barriers that Hillary is trying to climb over.
Taking the moral high road we might discuss whether gender/race issues should determine who is best for the job but such a high road does not exist in the power arena. As long as the gender/race candidates are personally experienced for the job,(I'll qualify with that) forget the
race/gender exists.
I would llike to see Hillary as a Margaret Thatcher type strongpractical woman. I hated the latter, and many of her policies but over the years have come to see the good she did for the English working classes. She enabled more workers to rise into the middle class than would ever be expected from a Tory.
One might hope that Hillary could do the same.
Here's for a Hillary/
Obama ticket -the best we can hope for.

At March 7, 2008 at 7:16:00 AM PST, Blogger Mitchell J. Freedman said...

The first commenter is a sad reflection of some Latinos who seem to have a dislike of Obama that is frankly rooted in racism.

Taylor-Caine's comment also disturbs me because it sets the bar too low for a leader of our nation. If Eleanor Roosevelt were running, I'd be very happy. ER was at least as powerful as Hillary as a White House spouse, and often more effective, especially if we believe the story that somehow Hillary was against the NAFTA. Sadly, I see Hillary as a Maggie Thatcher about Iraq, and that she will keep our troops there way too long. I must also register a strong disagreement with T-C: Maggie did much to undermine the English working class, from my reading of the subject. Also, Thatcher systematically underfunded the national health care system in England and has caused lasting systemic damage to that system. Too bad Blair and Co. acted more like the Clintons than Albert Beveridge during their reign.

Still, Hillary is better than McCain, and Obama is better than McCain. McCain is a horrorshow of contradictions, anger and frustration. Unless he became the "liberal" his right wing detractors claim he is, he will not be an effective president or leader for our nation.


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