Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What not to worry about...and what to worry about

Up through the 1960s, British politicians used to run for office still saying and acting like the sun had not set on the British empire. There were all sorts of stupid campaign slogans and arguments, and there was of course pass-the-popcorn sexual scandals with politicians. And there were even brilliantly funny films, such as "I'm Alright, Jack" (1959) that skewered shallow ideologically driven labor leaders and corrupt, manipulative corporate executives. Still, the Brits drifted...

Meanwhile, Labour Party leader, Harold Wilson, and Edward Heath, Conservative Party leader, each tried, but failed to stem the devaluing of the British pound while all the bread and circuses were going on.

That's why I don't worry about the latest sex scandal to hit a politician I happened to like. And I don't worry about the silly statements by surrogates for Obama and Clinton.

Here is what I worry about:

1. The US government's top military commander in the Middle East and South Asia resigns because he opposes the Cheney (Bush) administration's lust for war against Iran.

2. The dollar continues to fall in ways that show nobody in power seems to understand that we're supposed to do something about this as a nation.

3. The continuing failure of our nation to adopt Hamiltonian policies that also overlap with New Deal policies to benefit a wide working class.

Worrying about these things should help Hillary and Obama supporters realize that Obama and Hillary are each better than McCain. While Hillary and Obama don't speak to the above points very well, either, at least Hillary or Obama are more likely than McCain to listen more to someone who worries about these more important public policy matters and strengthening the working and middle classes of our nation.

Oh well. Back to news reports as to when New York Governor Elliot Spitzer is going to resign, while Senator Vitter (R-Louisiana), who loves prostitutes as much if not more than Spitzer, but had the audacity to parade himself as a family man with strong moral values, ripped Bill Clinton's private indiscretions, and yet still sits in the US Senate.



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