Monday, June 09, 2008

Libertarians argue about global warming policies

This was a fun transcript to read from Reason magazine. Reason's science writer, Ronald Bailey, has become a very rational and effective advocate for policies designed to offset human contribution to climate change. It is fun to read his frustration with the perpetually petulant and adolescent comments from Fred Smith, who hails from the private foundational equivalent of the Ministry of Silly Walks known as the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Bailey calls for a carbon tax and recognizes that government regulation of some sort is necessary if we are to take action as a nation and globally to avoid consequences that will likely arise with carbon discharges coming from the US, China and India, to name three large civilizations on the planet. I wish he'd come around to supporting a public policy of having government directly promote alternative fuel sources and purusing mass transit to limit autos and truck usaage--and to help create trust with the Chinese and Indian governments to pursue the same. One step at a time, I guess...


ADDENDUM BONUS POINT: Bailey rips into Ben Stein and the pro-creationist film, Expelled. If this keeps up, Bailey may end up writing for Mother Jones or The Nation...


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