Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Handy economic chart of Bush (Cheney) years

Forget stem cells and abortion. Forget homosexual rights. Forget wars against "terror". Forget raw meat attacks on Al Gore, Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, etc.

This chart from Paul Krugman's blog represents the consequences of actual, existing Republican or so-called "conservative" government.

Remember when Bush ironically told a truth at a swank gathering when saying the following:

"This is an impressive crowd. The Haves, and the Have-Mores.

"Some people call you the Elite. I call you my Base."

My "modest" proposal:

White working-class males who continue to vote for Republicans should have this chart glued at the end of a stick that is placed on their forehead so they can see what they are really voting for: Their own wages being squeezed, while corporate profits go up.

And every time they hear Sean Hannity rave against liberals and unions, they can look at the handy chart and say, "Whoa, wait a minute. Why is it that my wages don't keep up with the cost of food and gasoline? And home heating oil? And why do rich people keep getting richer while I struggle?"

To which Sean Hannity will no doubt reply, "Hey, whiner! What are you, anyway, a liberal-left-winger? I bet you hate America and want the terrorists to win." And then he'll add, "I also bet you want homosexuals to get married and join with feminists to kill babies in the womb!"

Yup. That's how the political discourse goes, doesn't it?



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