Thursday, July 17, 2008

Obama's Judgment Trumps McCain's/Bush's Experience

Two items:

1. Obama was mercilessly and often maliciously attacked for saying he'd use diplomatic approaches with the Iranian government. Now, the Bush (Cheney) administration is doing just that (Hat tip to Kevin Drum at the Washington Monthly blog).

2. Obama, back in May, said it was necessary to increase troop presence in Afghanistan. McCain said he would merely "consider" it, but did not see it as pressing. Now, the Joint Chiefs and McCain are in favor of increasing troop levels there.

Sometimes it's best to elect an Illinois lawyer with good political judgment, even if he has little or no military experience.

Abraham Lincoln's only military experience, it should be noted, was his very limited involvement in the so-caled "Black Hawk War" in the early 1830s, where he was a captain in one of the militias. He admitted in later life he fought "mosquitoes" not Native Americans, meaning his unit did no fighting. He also met only one old Native American along the way, and Lincoln kept some blood thirsty men in his unit from killing the old man.

Had enough of the Republican theme of "military experience necessary" yet? Especially considering McCain's experience is thin and mostly non-existent with respect to miltary strategy and wartime military leadership?

ADDENDUM: Here we go again. Iraq's Prime Minister agrees with Obama's 16 month timetable, right down to Obama's wiggle about the "possibility of slight changes." Again, judgment trumps experience in this election at least.


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