Friday, July 25, 2008

Three amazing posts at one blog...

UCLA Professor Mark Kleiman's blog, the Reality-Based Community, lives up to its name with three posts in a row, ironically from posters other than Professor Kleiman:

1. A smackdown of one particular right wing attack on Obama's Berlin speech;

2. How a new President and Congress may use the international criminal courts if Bush pardons himself and his cronies to avoid prosecution for torture and other war crimes; and

3. A truly insightful post about the changing water usage among urban and agricultural sectors in California, which shows us once again how a non-ideological approach to public policy is often the best way to approach public policy. The author's point is not to attack the wonderful book, Cadillac Desert, published in 1986, but merely to show that there have been significant changes in water usage in California since that book was published 22 years ago. To be sure, the poster's analysis is not the last word--but that would be his point, too! My only cute comment is that even the Bible is not the last word, according to most Rabbinic scholars. It is a document that often itself has multiple meanings and interpretations over time.


At July 30, 2008 at 2:18:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchell,

I'm a Big Lenny Bruce fan, and I googled "The poor boys who went to Dunkirk Lenny Bruce" ansd I came up with your blog. In '07 you did a blog comparing Rich Little to Frank Dell; the comic in Bruce's routine who convinces his agent to book him at the London Palladium.

I believe the name of that routine was "London Palladium." Great routine. I love it when he causes a riot by shouting out "Screw The Irish." And when he goes backstage the Englishman says, "You're a bloddy Mau-Mau."

Anyway, how can I get a copy of your book about RFK? I'm a writer, too.

Hope to hear from you. E-mail me at



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