Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Dems must include EFCA with stimulus package

TrapperJohn over at the Daily Kos nails it on the importance for Dems to pass the EFCA quickly, and not back-burner it.

I have been saying, as readers of this blog know, that the Dems need to include EFCA as part of the stimulus package, and either peel off the two or three Republicans needed to end a filibuster, or knock out the filibuster rule like the Republicans threatened to do for several years earlier in this decade.

Harry Reid, who continues to be a disaster (poor judgment in not seating Burris and generally giving in to Republicans on multiple votes, not to mention Reid's anticipated weakness in not immediately seating Franken), needs to get smart procedurally here, and actually push for something that will be important to millions of American workers.


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