Sunday, January 18, 2009

More propaganda as to whether Gaza residents are angry at Hamas?

This article in today's Haaretz reveals that Israel's military intelligence chief Diskin is convinced many Gaza residents are angry at Hamas. And he further notes the cease-fire agreement by Hamas, however tenuous and likely to be broken by some Hamas members in the future, may ultimately reveal splits within the Hamas leadership.

This is what I noted was happening early in 2006, before Israeli leaders chose their war with Hamas, and later initially welcomed the war against Hezbollah. However, Hamas had closed ranks throughout much of 2008. Perhaps this war will re-open those rifts, as we have seen (in the previous MF Blog post) that two Hamas leaders have openly criticized other Hamas leaders for leading them into this war with Israel.

A split is great because it gives those Gaza residents a chance to directly support peace through Hamas, not standing outside Hamas, which is obviously very risky to one's own life and the lives of one's family. It is for that reason that I am inclined to believe Diskin's analysis and conclusion are not propaganda. Others may disagree, of course. And only time will tell.



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