Tuesday, May 26, 2009

California Supreme Court decision on Proposition 8

I have only read the news headlines, but offer up my previous posts which seem fairly prescient at least in part...

This post was from the time of the oral arguments before the California Supreme Court.

This post was from my review of Attorney General Jerry Brown's amicus brief.

This post was my brief post-mortem after Proposition 8 won at the polls.

This post summarizes my views on Proposition 8 before the election.

This post summarizes my initial critique of the Marriage Cases opinion, which court opinion led to the backlash that produced Proposition 8.

My initial thought is that I give Justice Moreno credit for sticking to his position. The others who voted to legalize same sex marriage but voted to uphold Proposition 8 still owe an apology to the State citizens for misunderstanding that a majority of the people in this State felt very strongly there was a big difference between allowing same sex consenting adults to have a civil union and allowing them to enter into a "marriage" to be sanctioned by the State. I wish they didn't feel that strongly, but they do. And so we are back to the proposal that I and others support: Get the State out of the "marriage" sanctioning business. Everyone who is seeking government benefits of marriage get a civil union. Marriage is what people do in private and in their churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues.


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