Sunday, July 26, 2009

Answering the latest challenges to climate change consensus

Kevin Drum, over at Mother Jones, nicely destroys the latest climate change challenge from a fellow named Jim Manzi and of course the liar George Will. See here and here for Drum's spot-on analysis. does an excellent job, as well, answering the latest argument from the denier/skeptic crowd (I put those together only for convenience here; they are very different in my view) about the El Nino accounting for most of the climate change on the planet in recent times. See here and here.

As I often say, if climate skeptics are wrong, the consequences could be catastrophic for the entire planet. And those in the U.S. who call themselves "conservative," and who supported invading Iraq or purusing torture on the 1% doctrine enunciated by Dick Cheney, ought to be lining up with Al Gore as there is clearly far more than a 1% chance that the scientific consensus is correct. But somehow, these modern "conservatives" (so unlike say Theodore Roosevelt) just can't see their way through that glaring inconsistency--unless one gets snarky and says the consistentcy is their fealty to corporate priorities, particularly those of the oil and gas corporations.


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