Sunday, August 16, 2009

Boycotting Whole Foods: An idea whose time has come

As most readers may already know, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey penned a ridiculous editorial attacking the already watered-down health insurance proposals of President Obama. I have joined with others in saying it is time to boycott Whole Foods.

I have now written to Whole Foods through its website to let them know I am boycotting Whole Foods because of Mackey's editorial. I reprint the note I wrote and add links for the reader:

It was always a tough thing for me to support Whole Foods when its leader was so ridiculously anti-union. However, happy workers at Whole Foods and its wonderful selection (though pricey) overwhelmed that concern.

Now, I simply cannot abide going to Whole Foods and will boycott it. John Mackey has no clue what he is talking about with reference to Obama's slight reforms in health insurance access and procurement. If Mackey had an ounce of business sense on this issue, he'd be for Medicare for all, not spouting stuff that sounds like he just stepped out (of) an Ayn Rand Fan Club meeting. The executives at Toyota who built a new plant in Canada a couple of years ago rather than build one in Alabama said a major reason for their decision was not having to deal with the hodge-podge private for profit system of health insurance in America.

No more Whole Foods for me, and my wife is with me on this too. We are boycotting Whole Foods.

Additional comment: Note in Mackey's op-ed he thinks there is a major problem with the Social Security program. Here, he suffers from the ignornance of the Beltway elite.

Final thought: Matt Yglesias has it right about why a boycott is properly sought against Whole Foods. And bravo to Mark Kleiman, too!


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