Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dick Cheney must support Hamas since Hamas is against Al Queda, too

This is an interesting development. If we thought Hamas represented the extreme in Israel and Gaza, I guess we're wrong. Al Queda seems to have developed a foothold in the Gaza area, and now Hamas is fighting Al Queda.

The Al Queda guys are Islamic fundamentalists who want a pan-Arabic federation, not simply a Palestinian nation.

I found it interesting that Hamas went into a mosque to get these guys. Next time Israel does the same, I wonder if anyone will remember that?

Let's see now. Fatah wants to liquidate Hamas, and now Hamas wants to liquidate Al Queda. This is like the more violent version of the Orthodox Jews in Israel wanting to go after all the Reform, Conservative and secular Jews of Israel.

I think if peace ever breaks out amongst Palestinians and Jews in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, I wonder if we'll see fighting break out within those two groups.

Don't ya just love the organized religions that honor the Sky God? We gotta do better, folks. And I say that as a president of a Conservative Jewish synagogue.


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