Friday, November 27, 2009

The letters (and really drawings) of Van Gogh

Van Gogh's letters, which includes amazing color as well as black and white drawings, are now on the Internet.

Thanks to 3 Quarks Daily for the tip.

What has always struck me about Van Gogh is that, at the dawn of the camera age, his style of drawing anticipated what became the most dynamic art form of the 20th Century, which is animated art, or as it is commonly called, cartoons.

The drawings in these letters are further support for this observation. These drawings practically move, and interestingly, the web camera does move along the drawings in the manner of a Ken Burns film. The web site, in an innovation I would love to see more of, allows people to send ecards to each other (for free) various items of Van Gogh's drawings and paintings, as well as letters.

Personal note: At age twenty, while traveling in England and the western part of the Continent, I was privileged to walk through the Van Gogh Museum. I know I did not appreciate it with the depth of understanding I would today. Such is youth! We each learn different things at different times...


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