Saturday, January 30, 2010

Royal Bed Bouncer finally on Youtube!

From the Department of Frivolity:

"Royal Bed Bouncer" by Kayak (1975) is finally on Youtube.

See and hear it while it lasts...

And whoa! I am hearing from my son's room a brilliantly scary song from the legendary and almost completely obscure, Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come, entitled "Time Captives" from the album, "Journey" (1974). Somehow the girls I went to high school with never found this as compelling as I did...But seriously, how the heck does my son do homework to that?

POST GRAMMY AWARDS, February 1, 2010: A previous post on what I think of the Grammy awards is here. Beyonce is an embarrassment, isn't she? I happened to walk into the room where my semi-worldly 11 year old daughter was watching the Grammy awards and saw Beyonce jumping and gyrating on the awards show, and said, "Well, I guess if she's selling sex, should I buy it?" My daughter laughed, but sardonically said in effect I was just a dirty old man--to which I responded that it was Beyonce who needs to be scolded for bad taste. My daughter rolled her eyes, appropriately so in the face of parental castigation at young people's "music." I guess I didn't need to say, "You call that 'music'?" While one should give the Grammys some credit for awarding Green Day's "21st Century Breakdown" for Best Rock Album, still, watching the Grammys, even for an instant, is to be placed into the dystopic nightmare future of "synthetic music" that sounds like advertisements, as Aldous Huxley had prophetically warned us 1932. One wants to grab some soma, but it is far better to just turn off the television in that moment...:-)


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