Saturday, March 27, 2010

Anonymous speech gets support from Israeli Supreme Court

The issue of protecting "anonymous" speech on the Internet is an interesting one in American jurisprudence. See: Krinsky v. Doe 6 (2008) 159 Cal. App. 4th 1154, for one example from the California Court of Appeal (which is not the highest court in California, but an appellate court).

Now, the Israeli Supreme Court has weighed in and its decision protects anonymous speakers on the Internet. One doubts this is a blanket endorsement for all time, but it is overall likely a good development. The Internet is often a wild place and libel and slander actions seem less compelling where I can directly speak back at powerful figures--compared to the situation before the 2000s where an individual had a harder time speaking back against corporate behemoth media institutions.

Still, as pointed out in the last post, corporate- and government-owned media can still ignore you, but we do have more "soapbox" power through the Internet than we did before the Internet.


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