Saturday, March 06, 2010

Grayson leads among Republicans in his district

The Huffington Post has the story.

Remember all the Villagers in DC, and the professional political consultants, who said Grayson should not engage in tough rhetoric and progressive policy making in a district that barely trends Democratic in registration? Yeah, I remember. And I loved him then, and love him now.

Now, Grayson is leading all Republican challengers in a poll of Republican voters. Let's be clear, however, that this won't last. Still, the chances of Grayson losing this year appear slim. To quote a former Louisiana governor, the only way for the Republican Party to beat Grayson is for Grayson to be "caught in bed with a dead girl or live boy."

Just watch this slap down Grayson did with Bernanke. And the DC Villagers can't understand why some Republican voters like Grayson?


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