Saturday, March 27, 2010

Israeli government shoots at unarmed protesters...and no media cover it.

For years, I have said that if the Palestinians engage in civil disobedience, they would get further than through terrorism.

Sadly, we have an example of civil disobedience that shows the process will still be slow. Here is a poignant blog post from Bernard Avishai, a noted Israeli scholar and writer, about a Jewish friend of his who took part in a protest against Israeli policies in the West Bank.

Corporate media in Israel and in the US have ignored this story, which shows that 24/7 news is such a hoax. They can provide reams of "analysis" to Tiger Woods' sex life, but nothing about what are mostly peaceful demonstrators in the West Bank. If we were truly interested in peace there, we'd give publicity to those who are seeking peace through peaceful means rather than the haters who promote terrorism--either through suicide bombings or depriving communities of water and through travel restrictions.


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