Sunday, March 14, 2010

Israeli leaders do not want peace

The Israeli leaders do not want peace and want to sabotage peace talks with the Palestinians. That is already clear.

The announcement of the housing expansion in the occupied territories (and this time, East Jerusalem) is also an example of the duplicity of the Israeli leaders, as if we are supposed to believe (1) there was merely a coincidence in the timing of the announcement with Vice President Biden's visit or (2) that the announcing parties were acting without the acquiescence of the Prime Minister, Mr. Nutty-Yahoo (contrary to the second linked article, the Americans know the extremists are in charge, and that Nutty-Yahoo is enabling them).

This article by Aluf Been in Ha'aretz concludes the expansionist ideology of the prime minister, Likud and the right wing nationalist groups in Israel is likely to undermine if not destroy Israel's relationship with the U.S. For it is not as if Nutty-Yahoo does not want to build more settlements in East Jerusalem or the West Bank. He does. Nutty-Yahoo also does not want peace with the Palestinians; he wants them to leave the West Bank and preferably Gaza, too. That is the bottom line.

Still, there is a sign in Israel that perhaps these right-wing jokers have gone too far with this contemptuous prank: See this article about the Jerusalem Council canceling further discussions of settlement expansion. However, don't let that action fool us into complacency. The history of aggressive Israeli expansionist actions tells us the settlement building will likely resume within the next 30-60 days. These are, after all, zealots who will not stop unless physically forced to stop by an Israeli government that means to stop them from acting.

ADDENDUM 10:45 P.M. PACIFIC TIME: Even the Israeli ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, is nervous about these recent events. Good. And maybe next time Oren will show up at a J Street meeting...the putz.

ADDENDUM 3/15/10 10:30 P.M. PACIFIC TIME: Nutty-Yahoo proves my point...again. Israeli leaders do not want peace. They want more settlements--and ultimately more war. That is no longer an opinion. That is a fact.

One thing, though: If AIPAC, ADL and the other members of the Israel Uber Alles lobby think they can push around the entire American Congress during this election year, they may be in for a surprise...


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