Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Jerry Brown for California Governor. It's that simple.

Jerry Brown, currently California's Attorney General, announced his candidacy for governor today.

I agreed with Brown's strategy to wait it out until the latest time before filing deadlines because it was best to let Republican money-monster Meg Whitman start costly fights with her Republican challenger(s). It was also best to wait it out because it gave less time for Republicans to mobilize their hate machine, including their conspirators at hate AM radio, to remind or "educate" Californians about medflies (though Brown's early support for creatively using sterile medflies to stop infestation seems to have finally worked!), Rose Bird, Moonbeams and now aged--no, not New Age!--pop singers. This sort of attack may or may not go over well with that half of the electorate too young or who were not living in the State at the time when Brown was previously the governor (1974-1982). Also, I for one have been impressed with Brown's tenure as attorney general because the state did not need the type of "creativity" that comes from litigation. It needed and needs legislation.

And if Meg Whitman is seen as sponsoring the anti-Brown ads, it may not bode well for her reputation among those voters in California who have not taken kindly to rich people who buy their offices. I must also say GOOD for Jerry Brown to use the Republican playbook in seeking to turn Whitman's potentially positive "outsider" status into a liability. Such a critique by Brown and others will more likely resonate this time with enough voters because Whitman has the bad timing in seeking to follow another outsider governor who frankly has been a disappointment--I mean, who knew the Terminator would be more like the guy he replaced in terms of a failure of political nerve?

If I was a "conservative" who was not a wingnut, I'd consider voting for Brown because he is a true maverick who may end up challenging the public employees unions, which challenge may well be part of any structural solution to the fiscal problems plaguing our state. And anyone who knows my love for unions may be surprised by that statement, but really, that is a consideration as the State attempts to restore its fiscal structure. My other structural reforms have been set forth here.

Jerry, my last bit of advice tonight is this: Run just the way you started with today's announcement--and hit the airwaves now to define yourself with voters because you know Whitman and the Republicans will be doing it to define you. Then, we'll see what happens by the summer and then again in the fall. In this modern Internet world where 24 hours ago seems like weeks ago, this race has a long way to go--but first impressions linger. If you win in November, and wake up the next morning feeling like Robert Redford's character in The Candidate, then all to the good, as well.

I love this State and it pains me to see it suffer so...


At March 5, 2010 at 8:30:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ditto with the last sentence of this post, Mitch.

Also, if I manage to trash a company I'm the CEO of, but get a really nice golden parachute, can I be governor?



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