Friday, March 05, 2010

Jews who live elsewhere telling those living in Israel: Love it or leave it

A revealing article by Bradley Burston in Ha'artez. It is a fact that many Israel Uber Alles types living in the United States are more in favor of the endless war against Palestinians than many of those people who actually live in Israel. As Burston says to such Israel Uber Alles types, in so many words, "Easy for you to say, bub."

What is doubly amusing is that Burston turns on its head the usual Israel Uber Alles argument against those of us who agree with Burston: "Until you decide to live in Israel, don't criticize Israel." I have never found such an argument valid because that would mean we can't criticize Iran because we don't live there, either. Still, there is something to Burston's argument against those from outside Israel who rip into him for supposedly not being loyal to Israel.


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