Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obama ran against individual mandates in 2008...Don't you just love elections?

What's ironic for me is that I never believed the whole Hillary v. Obama fight in 2008. I used to call them both Hillobama since they agreed on practically everything and were both corporate Democrats.

Back in early 2008, there was a "big" argument between Obama and Hillary over whether to have mandates for buying health insurance. Hillary wanted a mandate and Obama opposed a mandate. Yet, Obama just signed a bill that creates a mandate to buy health insurance. The Hillary supporters therefore "won" on the mandate despite Hillary losing the race to Obama.

Sad, though, that the first link above shows I supported that bum Edwards in 2008. I can't believe Edwards was dumb enough to think his private indiscretions were not going to be leaked during a presidential race. Amazing he got as far as he did, though...It's also humbling to note in case I ever think I'm a "prophet."


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