Sunday, March 07, 2010

Zero sum politics

Two great political cartoons worth seeing.

The Republican leadership knows that in zero sum politics, the twenty or so per cent of low information voters, also known as independents, will vote for the other guy when they conclude there is reason to fear for the future and things are not getting done to change things for the better. And that is the margin of victory in many cases; just ask the new Republican senator from Massachusetts.

The Republican leaders' plan to sell or hype "fear" is part of the Republican leaders' understanding of how zero sum politics works.

Would that Democratic Party strategists would learn that because if they did, they would have dumped the filibuster, stopped listening to scorpions like Blanche Lincoln, and they'd be riding high on their achievements that a majority of people support anyway, like a robust public option with regard to health insurance, an equally robust public works program across the nation, cap and trade and yes, making it easier for workers to form unions at their work. But now, with the Republican strategy successfully in play, 2010 is going to be a tough year on more than a few Democratic office holders or office seekers.


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