Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Review of Book Reviews

The NY Times has two outstanding writers reviewing books this week:

1. Garry Wills reviews the new book by David Remnick on Barack Obama, and manages to still give us new insight into Obama, his life story and his meaning in our politics--and this moment in time.

2. Barbara Kingsolver, who may be the greatest American prose writer of our time, has the best review I've seen so far of biologist E.O. Wilson's intriguing and creative scientific novel, "Anthill." That Kingsolver began her adult career as a biologist made her the perfect reviewer for this book.

3. Peter Beinart, for whom I generally have very little respect, nonetheless penned a nice review of Ian Buruma's new book on the role of religion in North America and Western Europe.

Finally, in the Boston Globe, two succinct yet probing reviews:

1. Mark Grimsley, a military historian, on the American cultural response to American (Union) General U.S. Grant both in his time and over the next century thereafter.

2. And here is a sharp, penetrating review of British military historian, John Keegan's new book on the U.S. Civil War. The reviewer, Michael Kenney, often writes reviews for the Boston Globe, and is a person who reads far and wide.

Now, off to take a nap...a required nap according to both my wife and son. Sheesh!


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