Monday, April 05, 2010

Seth Godin is pretty cool, but actually being a "lynchpin" is tough with a pre-existing medical condition--at least in the US

3 Quarks Daily has a great interview with Seth Godin, who has some interesting and sometimes compelling insights from his new book, "The Lynchpin."

I know I tend to make impacts wherever I go, and when I lose jobs or quit them, I do eventually get employed and bounce back (though this last bounce back was for 1/3rd less money...). Still, I live with the fear of losing medical benefits if I took a real risk with my creative writing or deciding to get my PhD in History or Literature when I have a significant pre-existing medical condition that insurers will not cover (and now they'll say "Yeah, we'll cover you...for $3,000 a month!"), and worse, how I would mess up the lives of my wife and children by putting them in an economically bad situation...That is the lizard in my brain yelling, "You need to survive, man!"

Oh well...There's always purchasing a lottery ticket, though I always forget to actually do even that.


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