Sunday, October 24, 2010

Can't we invade a country that hides American corporate taxes?

Just read this article about Google paying 2.4% in taxes, and sigh with frustration. And maybe a little rage?

I wonder why there are no commentators in corporate media who would say, Let's invade Bermuda and the Cayman Islands and find our tax money?

Oh wait, it's corporate owned media. The owners of our corporate media would never allow anyone to say something so outrageous on any sustained basis. Of course, that statement about invading those little nations is outrageous, but really, any more outrageous than what commentators say about invading Iran, or back in the day, Panama, or about the homosexual agenda, about undocumented workers, etc.? Selectivity in outrageous statements is something we ought to notice more...

And yes, there are ways to close those loopholes without invading those nations. Think any Republican candidate would ever do that? Think most Democratic Party candidates even want to talk about it? Nope. And sadly nope.


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